What our partner schools say about us

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I have formed a brilliant professional relationship with my consultant and I can honestly say that within both that and the resources of your company I am completely satisfied.

I have no complaints about the quality of staff that are sent here, we also have gained a group of 'regulars' whom know the school and our policies extremely well. If there are any issues I know I can confidently speak to my consultant and we can investigate any issues arisen. I must stress this is a very rare occurrence.

Mill Hill County High School

The service provided by my Career Teachers consultant is excellent - 10/10! He is very prompt with cover staff and he tries to provide staff who have visited the school before or specialise in the area we need on that particular day. Staff provided always arrive on time and my consultant will call or notify me of any problems via phone or email. I am emailed compliance checks and invoices so everything runs smoothly.


Woodcote High School

Career Teachers have provided us with both short term and long term placements over the years. Most of the placements have been successful. We've had a few (not too many) short term candidates who may have not been a good fit. However, our personal consultant has worked with us to make sure that the competencies of each of the candidates he sends meet the requirements of our demanding school. He has a real understanding of how our school operates.

Dollis Infant School

Our consultant is outstanding – I am able to trust his judgment and his honesty. Some agencies will carpet-bomb the academy with e-mails relating to non-existent vacancies or inappropriate candidates, whereas our consultant will actually listen and understand.

Skinners Academy