Talking CV - CV Help for Teaching Staff

Teaching Jobs in the UK

Talking CV

Talking CV is a great way for Overseas Teachers to show UK schools what they have to offer from the comfort of their home or favourite café! 

Here is the layout we suggest Overseas Teachers follow. 

 Please introduce yourself

  • Tell us your full name
  • Tell us what you are qualified to teach

 Please tell us about Teaching Experience

  • Start by giving us an overview of how long you have been teaching and the types of schools you have taught in – e.g. high achieving/challenging/small/ large/diverse
  • Talk about your current/most recent teaching experience - year groups, subjects, responsibilities, type of school
  • Talk about other relevant previous experience

Challenges and Successes 

  • Tell us about the most successful lesson you have taught.
  • Give an example of a challenge you have encountered in your teaching and how you overcame it.
  • Focus on behaviour issues or academic challenges with pupils rather than personal or professional

To summarise, what could you bring to a school in the UK? 

  • Tell us about your teaching strengths – behaviour management, planning
  • Do you have any other skills that you think would be valuable, can you deliver extra-curricular activities?
  • Tell the school about what you are looking for - long-term or permanent Job
  • Explain how you are willing to commit to a school and the UK in general

Before you video your Talking CV please make sure you know your answers and have notes that are easily accessible to remind you of anything you may forget.  

You can also check out the Example Talking CV video below that has some useful hints and tips about wowing schools here in the UK!

Your Talking CV needs to be no longer than 5 - 10 minutes, this is the best way to show UK schools what you can bring to a UK classroom whilst in your home country. Schools are not expecting an edited, high tech video, all they want to see is you talking about your teaching experiences and your enthusiasm to teach in the UK. 

If you have any questions please contact or call 020 7105 3499

Good Luck!