London Experience 

Career Teachers is now booking up for its 2018 London Experience programme!

If you are interested in a free trip to the UK to trial in schools and get a taste for life in London then get in touch today! The London Experience includes all flights, accommodation, travel expenses, a day of training and interviews in London schools.

Email us today to book your place!

What is the London Experience?

The London Experience programme gives Canadian, European and Irish teachers the chance to experience London life and London schools for FREE!

You will have your flights, accommodation and transfers booked as well as interviews/ trial days in welcoming Primary, Secondary or SEND schools; all will be organised by the Career Teachers team. This is a great way for you to experience London life, teaching in a UK classroom and meeting senior leadership that could potentially be supporting you in your next teaching role.

Check out Natasha's London Experience below!

Check out more London Experience videos here

Apply for the London Experience today via email or call 020 7105 3499!