Meet Career Teachers in Canada

Career Teachers is coming to your University this October and we cannot wait to meet you and discuss the opportunities the UK can offer highly qualified teachers like yourselves!

When you come to your Universities education fair or one of our workshops you will be meeting Claire Welch and Heidi Hinchliffe!

Claire is a very experienced Education Relocation Consultant who has been working in partnership with overseas teachers and UK schools for the last 5 years.

Heidi Hinchliffe is very much like all of you, she is an overseas trained teacher, born and bred in Australia, and made the journey over to the UK almost 20 years ago as an overseas teacher. She taught in the UK for 5 years as a Primary Teacher before deciding to take the plunge into helping overseas teachers move across the globe to London. Heidi is still very involved in school life and is a Governor of a Federation of schools here in London.

If you would like to learn more about teaching in London then please email, free phone 1800 796 3126 or come along and meet us at your University!

This October meet us in Canada!

Here are the times, date and places will be visiting during October. If you are interested in meeting us then please 'register your interest' or email us at

University of New Brunswick

Come and meet us at New Brunswick on:

Thursday 5th October
University of New Brunswick,
12 - 1pm,
312 Marshall d’Avray Hall.

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St Thomas University

Come and meet us at St Thomas University on:

Friday 6th October

St Thomas University
Brian Mulroney Hall Room 205, School of Education
12 - 1

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St Francis Xavier University

Come and meet us at St Francis Xavier University on:

Tuesday 10th October
St Francis Xavier University
12.10pm, Education Building Room 305
1.10pm, Canteen

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Come and meet us in Halifax on:

Wednesday 11th October
The Lower Deck 1887 Upper Water St, Halifax NS B3J 1S9

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Memorial University

Come and meet us at Memorial University on:

Thursday 13th October
Memorial University
McCann Centre

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Terms & Conditions

Career Teachers is constantly looking to recruit excellent overseas trained teachers to fill the large number of teaching positions available here in London, UK.  

We understand that relocating to the UK can be an expensive time and Career Teachers would like to help. 

The dedicated overseas team helps all relocating teachers with the transition from their home country to London. To ensure you receive money back on your flight, you will need to supply a copy of your flight book, and once you have worked 20 days with Career Teachers, you will receive a refund towards the cost of your flight. 

Australia & New Zealand: Up to $1000

Canada: Up to $750

Ireland and Europe: Up to £150

Terms & Conditions of flight cashback offer

Candidates must be registered with Career Teachers before arriving in the UK.
Candidates must work 20 full teaching days for Career Teachers to be eligible to claim back flight costs.
Australian and New Zealand candidates may receive up to $750 towards the cost of their flight after working 20 days, and after working for 65 days within 26 weeks of attending orientation they will receive up to $1000.
Canadian teachers may receive up to $750 towards the cost of their flight after working 20 days.
Irish and European candidates may receive up to £150 to cover the cost of their flight
Career Teachers must receive a copy of the original receipt including flight cost, date and name of the passenger.  
Refund of flight costs will be paid as one inclusive payment the week following completion of 20 days’ work or after 1 term of work.
Payment will be made as part of the candidate's weekly salary.
Career Teachers 'Flight cashback offer' is only available once per candidate.