Image of teachers and support staff taking part in training at the Career Teachers office

Training Courses

Career Teachers training department offers a range of professional development courses for registered teachers and support staff. 

Below you can view details about each course and have the opportunity to register your interest for the next available course dates. Courses are offered free of charge to Career Teachers registered staff that have completed 10 days work. 

Courses are held at - Career Teachers 7th Floor, 63 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8 AA

For more details please contact the Training department on 020 7105 3499 or email

Mainstream Courses

Assessment for Learning

This course explores the background to AFL strategies and how they can be incorporated into teaching and learning in every lesson. Assessment for Learning is so much more than a single assessment strategy and candidates will also gain further understanding of this within the context of the new assessment procedures.

Cover Supervisor Training - 22nd of March and 5th of April

This course explores a cover supervisor's role and a PPA role. We look at how a typical day would run, expectations and responsibilities in a classroom. Covering skills needed to fulfill this role, Safeguarding and behaviour management. 

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English and Maths for Teaching Assistants - 24th of April 

This course, based on Government materials for teaching assistants, offers practical advice on how best to support pupils and teachers in English and Maths lessons. It provides awareness of the main changes in English and Maths with the introduction of the 2014 new Primary Curriculum. This is a highly recommended course for Teaching Assistants and PPA cover working from Foundation to Year 6. 

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Exam Invigilation - 4th and 11th of April

This course will prepare candidates for the correct systems and procedures for setting up and running school examinations. 

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Positive Behaviour Management -15th of March  

On this course we shall study the importance of developing consistency across a school in promoting positive behaviour, through use of the schools behaviour policy. Through looking at different strategies we will develop our skills & confidence in tackling these issues back on our own classrooms. With interactive activities & analysis though videos this course will benefit anyone in the school setting, looking to develop their own classroom behaviour management skills.

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Interactive Whiteboard Training 

Using our interactive whiteboard, this course will take you through the basics of using the SMARTBoard Notebook whiteboard software. We will demonstrate the key features of the programme and share some easy to use techniques that will be invaluable for those last-minute lesson situations.

An Introduction to Phonics - 26th of April 

This new course is ideal for teaching assistants working in Reception and Key Stage One, that will benefit teachers who are new to phonics teaching in the UK. The course uses materials from the Training and Development Agency (TDA) in schools and Letters and Sounds to review and develop the fundamental ideas behind phonics teaching, to develop strong reading and writing skills and looks at teaching methods outlined in the DfE letters and sounds documents. 

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Return to Teaching

We are delighted to be offering the Return to Teaching course to fully qualified teachers who have been out of the classroom and are looking to brush up their skills before returning.

Safeguarding and Child Protection - 27th of March and 9th of April 

The aim of this course is to enable teachers and support staff to develop an understanding of the safeguarding and child protection processes and relate this to their role and responsibilities within their setting. This course will look at the implications of recent legislation for all staff in schools and provide guidance for appropriate procedures.

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Secondary to Primary Conversion

This course is for Secondary trained teachers who are interested in working on a daily supply basis in Primary schools. The demand for Primary supply teachers is currently very high and, with good training, many secondary teachers have found great success in the Primary classroom.

Supporting EAL Students 

We are delighted to offer a brand new course from specialist Dorothy Johnson who has been an EAL & EMA advisor working across London. This course aims to provide information along with practical guidance to offer support to pupils who have English as an Additional Language. The course is split into sessions for Teachers and TAs to closer address the needs of those roles in supporting pupils.

Additional Courses

An Introduction to ASD

This course aims to provide information along with practical guidance on how best to offer support to Autism Spectrum Disorder pupils (ASD).

An Introduction PECS - 1st and 3rd of May

An introduction to pictorial communication, based on the idea that children who can't talk or write can be taught to communicate using pictures. This will be beneficial for TAs working mostly in SEND schools or with non-verbal pupils in mainstream schools.

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We are delighted to offer this course from specialist Rasheeda Husein, who has extensive training and experience in this area. This course aims to provide information along with practical guidance for teachers and TAs to offer support to pupils who experience difficulties with Dyslexia.

Special Education Needs and Disabilities

This course aims to give teachers and teaching assistants an overview of the most common types of Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND) seen in classrooms. The course will provide practical advice on how to best support identified children independently, within groups and during whole class situations.


New to Career Teachers, TEAM-TEACH; a fully accredited course for SEND teachers and support staff to learn positive handling techniques. This is a two -day course that has a £30 fee (usually this course costs £150). Candidates must be fully registered and working for Career Teachers to attend.

For more information about TEAM-TEACH, please email