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You didn’t get into teaching for the paperwork and protocols that often lead to working well into the evening and late at night. Here at Career Teachers, we pride ourselves on helping you do more of what you love. Working in a temporary teaching role with Career Teachers can offer many benefits compared to a permanent role. With Career Teachers, you will be able to turn up, teach and turn on more lightbulb moments.

We offer a range of flexible work opportunities across the Early Years, Primary, Secondary and SEND sectors that a school or education provider cannot. So, whether you are a newly qualified teacher looking to grow your experience, or an experienced teacher who loves teaching and spending more time in the classroom, we are here to help you find the right role that will allow you to do more of what you love. Less paperwork. More lightbulb moments!

Get in touch today and find out how we can help you do more of what you love.

Meet Jacqueline

Meet Jacqueline, a recruitment consultant, with 12 years experience as an SEN Primary School teacher. Learn more about what Jacqueline loves about teaching and how she uses her experience to help you!


Meet Tammi

Meet Tammi an SEN Teacher with 16 years experience working in a Primary School. Learn more about what Tammi loves about teaching and being a supply teacher!


Meet Mauricio

Meet Mauricio, a recruitment consultant, with 3 and a half years experience as a Science Teacher at a Secondary School. Learn more about what Mauricio loves about teaching and how he uses his experience to help you!

Secondary Jobs

Meet Michael...

Michael is an Early Years Teacher with 1 year of experience in supply teaching. Learn more about what Michael loves about teaching and being a supply teacher!

Early Career Teachers

Meet Sally...
Meet Sally, a recruitment consultant, with 6 years experience as a Primary School teacher. Learn more about what Sally loves about teaching and how she uses her experience to help you!

Primary Jobs

Meet Aliya...
Meet Aliya, a Teaching Assistant from Leicestershire. She was looking to take her career to the next level and working in supply helped her to do just that.

Primary Jobs

Meet Nathan...
Having recruitment consultants with teaching experience helps us to better understand you. Just like Nathan, who has 6 years’ experience as a primary school teacher.

Primary Jobs

Meet Chris...

Meet Chris, an English Teacher from Birmingham with over 5 years teaching experience. Learn more about how supply teaching has helped Chris to do more of the things he loves!

Secondary Jobs

Meet Keeley...

Meet Keeley, an Early Years Teaching Assistant from Derby. Keeley loves supply teaching as it allows her to continue her career development without having to compromise on family time. Learn more about Keeley and her love of supply teaching.

Meet Craig...

Meet Craig, a Primary School Teacher in Manchester. Working as a supply teacher has allowed Craig to gain invaluable experience alongside his studies.

Primary Jobs

Meet Siobhan

Meet Siobhan an Learning Support Assistant at a Special Educational Needs school in Sheffield. Learn more about what why Siobhan loves teaching, and what teaching supply allows her to do more of.


Find out more about what our candidates have to say about Career Teachers

I have been working with Career Teachers for a while now and always find the team very helpful. After being furloughed due to covid, my consultant was especially helpful in getting me back out to work and finding schools that matched my requirements.

Cheryl, Teacher in London

The consultants I have worked with have always been very understanding and helpful, with excellent communication. I love the schools they send me to, and they always give me suitable work that matches what I am looking for. I am very pleased with my experience with the team, and I always recommend Career Teachers to friends and colleagues.

Foteini, Teacher in Leeds

The manager and consultant at my local branch are always willing to help me and are constantly on the lookout for work on my behalf. Their expertise is exceptional.

Greg, Teacher in Manchester

I started with Career Teachers last November, and I have been very happy with the service they provide. They try their hardest to give you schools local to your area and/or preference. I would like to thank them for their communication, service, understanding and advice throughout my time with the agency.

Jordache, Teacher in London

I have had a wonderful experience with Career Teachers. The staff know your relationships with schools well and try to match you to a place where you are valued and your skills match. They always check in on you and let you know any feedback which is really encouraging, especially when you go to a new school. Working in supply gives flexibility that I feel is invaluable and would highly recommend this agency if considering working in supply. They are all a joy to work with.

Jules, Teacher in London

I have found the whole team to be very supportive, especially my regular consultant, who has show great empathy and care in what been, personally, a difficult year.

Karen, Teacher in Manchester

Career Teachers have gone above and beyond to meet the needs of myself, and of others who I work with as a long-term cover supervisor. Not only do they work hard to find me regular work in the field I have asked for, but they also look out for my wellbeing.

Maame, Teacher in London

Career Teachers are a very professional agency that take the needs of the candidate into account, as well as the needs of the client.

Nicholas, Teacher in Leicester

I have been with Career Teachers for a couple of years now and I am proud to introduce them to anyone looking for agency work because of their efficiency and professionalism. They are a great team and the consultants always get in touch to show they care. The company is amazing and I am so happy to be a part of it.

Omolara, Teacher in London

My consultant has been very helpful and nice about any inquiries or worries I have had regarding my position, as well as explaining how Career Teachers works and helping me to register.

Pawneet, Teacher in London

I can’t thank Career Teachers enough for working around my childcare and timings. So glad I signed up!

Rebekah, Teacher in Birmingham

My consultant has been really good at communicating with me. When giving me an assignment they were clear about what kind of school I would be working at and my expectations, I really appreciate that as it prepares me before I get to the school.

Sumaiya, Teacher in London

My consultant is always available to speak to, very approachable and nothing is too much trouble for them. They have a very professional attitude and strive to ensure that you, as an individual, are happy with your placements. They are an asset to Career Teachers.

Susan, Teacher in Manchester