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Early years teacher supervising child
Yogesh, Early Years Teacher in Leicester
"My Career Teachers consultant always goes above and beyond their duties, making sure I get assignments that match my skill and by understanding my personal family situation. As a result, I have been working with Career Teachers for more than three years now.

Career Teachers allows me to work in education with flexibility and I get the chance to do a variety of assignments in early years education, in both schools and nurseries. Without Career Teachers, I would not be able to work, as there aren't many education agencies which are so flexible."
Female primary school teacher reading to students
Angela, Spanish Teacher in North England

"I could not be happier with the way that Career Teachers have helped me to get my new teaching role for the next academic course. I am glad I decided to work with Career Teachers as they made it so simple and I felt very supported and confident facing my trial days. I would like to thank them for their skills, for being incredibly helpful and for always paying attention to what I needed and making sure I was getting the role that best suited me as an educator."

Female secondary school teacher helping table of three students
Teaching Assistant

"Career Teachers have aided me with my future plans by helping me secure a new job starting in September. They listened and understood what I was looking for, and my consultant has always been helpful and supportive, being happy to answer any questions I have had since day one."

Female teacher speaking to a student in a wheelchair
Jules, Teacher in London

"I have had a wonderful experience with the staff at Career Teachers. They understand your relationship with the schools well, and always try to match you to a place where you are valued and your skills match. They always check in on you and let you know any feedback which is really encouraging, especially when you go to a new school. Working in supply gives me a flexibility that I feel is invaluable and I would really recommend this agency if you are considering working in supply."

Find out more about what our candidates have to say about Career Teachers

I am enjoying working for Career Teachers and have been with the agency for almost three years now. I have always had plenty of regular work, at a variety of different schools. I nearly always get work within the areas I have requested and prefer to work within the early years department. My consultant is always understanding to my requirements and goes above and beyond to accommodate my needs and preferences. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them.

Caroline, Early Years Teacher, Leeds

I have been with Career Teachers for a while now and always find the team very helpful. After being furloughed due to covid, my consultant was especially helpful in getting me back out to work and finding schools which exactly matched my requirements.

Cheryl, Teacher in London

I joined Career Teachers this year and my consultant was excellent in helping me when it came to my future plans. They listened and knew what I was looking for and have been helpful and supportive, happy to answer any questions that I've had. My consultant is a respectful and positive person to talk to and I am very thankful for that.

Darryl, Sports Coach

My consultant has been highly informative and has helped immensely with finding me work. Every experience in the primary sector has been wonderful thanks to my consultant. They explain the details of the job clearly so there is no confusion, and I look forward to working with them more in the future.

Farina, Supply Teaching Assistant & Trainee Teacher

My Career Teachers consultant has been highly informative and helped immensely with finding work, every experience in the primary sector has been wonderful thanks to them. They explain the details of the job clearly so there is no confusion!

Farina, Primary School Teacher, Tower Hamlets

My consultants are always very understanding and helpful, with excellent communication. I love the schools they send me to and they always try to give me lots of work that is suitable for me. I am very pleased with my experience with the team and I always recommend Career Teachers to friends and colleagues.

Foteini, Teacher in Leeds

I love the way in which my consultant quickly and efficiently with empathy. They work quickly to resolve queries and always respond instantly which I am grateful for. They got me the role I wanted at the school I wanted, and is always available to help when I ask questions or have a problem.

, Graduate Teaching Assistant

The manager and consultant at my local branch are always willing to help me as needed, and are constantly on the lookout for work on my behalf. My consultant’s expertise is exceptional.

Greg, Teacher in Manchester

The consultant I work with is always courteous, professional and caters for all my requirements. I was able to build a rapport with them very quickly and I know they will look after my interests. I'm very motivated to work for Career Teachers and my consultant, and would go the extra mile as I know it's appreciated. Always a joy!

Hala, EYFS/KS1 Teacher

I started with Career Teachers in November, and ever since I have been happy, motivated and comfortable with the service they provide. They try their hardest to give you schools local to your area and/or preference. I would like to say thank you to the consultants for their communication, service, understanding and advice throughout the schools I have worked at.

Jordache, Teacher in London

I have found the whole team to be very supportive, especially my regular consultant, who has shown great empathy and care in what has been personally a difficult year.

Karen, Teacher in Manchester

My Careers Teacher consultant is amazing at what they do. They are always trying to make sure your week is full and also paying fairly! They always communicate well and keep me updated with any opportunities. If any one looking for a job in education, I highly recommend Career Teachers.

Lata, EYFS/KS1 Teacher

My consultant has completely gone above and beyond to meet the needs of myself and others who I work with as a long-term cover supervisor. They look out for our wellbeing as well as seeking to find regular work in the field I have asked for.

Maame, Teacher in London

Very professional agency that takes the needs of the candidate into account as well as the client.

Nicholas, Teacher in Leicester

Have been with Career Teachers for a couple of years now and I am proud to introduce them to anyone because of their efficiency and professionalism. Everyone in the office works as a great team. The consultants always get in touch to show that they care. The company is amazing and I am so happy to be a part of it.

Omolara, Teacher in London

My consultant has been very helpful and nice about any inquiries or worries I have had regarding my position, as well as explaining how Career Teachers works and helping me register.

Pawneet, Teacher in London

I can't thank my consultant enough for working around my childcare and timings. So glad I signed up!

Rebekah, Teacher in Birmingham

I love the way in which my consultant quickly and efficiently, with empathy, works to resolve queries, they have always responded instantly which I am very grateful for. They got me the role I wanted at the school I wanted and are always available to help when I ask questions about a role or any problem I may have. I hope to work with and have their support for the foreseeable future.

Ridah, Long-term Teaching Assistant

My consultant has been really good at communicating with me, i.e. returning messages very quickly. When giving me an assignment they were clear about what kind of school I would be working at and my expectations, I really appreciate that as it prepares me before I get to the school.

Sumaiya, Teacher in London

The secondary team have been absolutely amazing, brilliant, friendly, approachable and outstanding. I have never met such professional and dedicated recruitment professionals. I cannot thank them enough for their full support and for believing in me.

Sunita, Secondary School Teacher, London

My consultant is always available to speak to, very approachable and nothing is too much trouble for them. They have a very professional attitude and strive to ensure that you, as an individual are happy with your placements. They are an asset to Career Teachers.

Susan, Teacher in Manchester