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As a fully qualified teacher you’re aware of the opportunities available to you abroad and have widened your search to the UK. Perhaps you’ve already come across a few recruitment agencies but you’re wondering just what exactly a recruitment company is and why use one at all?

Working at a school in London opens up a whole can of worms. There are state schools, grammar schools, academies and private tuition centres across the city and each one has its own standards and requirements. A recruiter like Career Teachers works with these schools every day and can tell you which schools are most suited to your requirements. Best of all, recruiters know the decision makers at the school and are often aware of job opportunities before they are even advertised.

Recruiters do the job hunting for you

Just submit your CV along with your qualifications and your recruiter will give you a call to discuss your application. Let us know what you’re looking for in terms of work and we will match you to your ideal position.

It’s free

There is no fee involved with working with Career Teachers. We’re here to ensure that you get the job you want at a school you’re happy with. What’s not to lose?

There’s no commitment

If you are working as a supply teacher and decide that the school you’re in just isn’t for you, your consultant can find you another suitable school. Plus, on supply, you can determine your own schedule. Want to take a four day weekend next week to go to Europe? Just let your consultants know and they will work around your schedule.

Your information is protected

Moving abroad can be intimidating and you want to make sure that your details are safe. We will ensure that all of the documents we sight are handled with care and won’t release your information to anyone. Career Teachers has strong safeguarding policies in place to ensure that you and the children you work with are protected. We will also make you aware of a contact person at your assignment school so that you can be aware of the school’s own policies as well.

So why choose Career Teachers?

Our team can’t be beat

Our team will support you from the time of your application until you head back home. Once you apply with your CV, the Career Teachers Resource Team will contact you to discuss your application and let you know about the next steps you’ll need to take prior to your arrival. You will also be assigned to a consultant, who will find work for you and assist you with any job-related issues. Many of us have taught before and can answer any queries you have about what it’s really like to work in a London school.

You’ll get personal and professional support

We offer free in-house training courses throughout the year for your professional development and an orientation is included in your arrival meeting if you are coming from overseas. There are also regular social events and day trips where you can meet the team and other teachers and possibly knock a few UK sights off your list.

We know what moving to the UK from abroad is like

Our relocation resourcers all recruit for their home countries. You’ll get a familiar accent over the phone and the support of someone who has made the same move before.

Call us on 020 7105 3499 or email overseas@careerteachers.co.uk for more information!

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