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School in focus: Teaching jobs with High Storrs Secondary School

Finding a teaching job can be a daunting prospect, so having the opportunity to learn about the place you could be working at can make all the difference. So whether you are a Teacher looking for a new challenge, have recently graduated and are looking for your first teaching job, or are considering teaching as a career and want some classroom experience, read on to find out more about working at High Storrs. 

Working at High Storrs Secondary School

When you first see the stunning listed building that is High Storrs Secondary School, you will realise that this is a unique place to work. Complimenting the original features, they have recently had a state-of-the-art new build, provided through the Building Schools for the Future programme, to enhance their facilities. Located in a leafy suburb of Sheffield, not far from the city centre, the school is well-known locally and recognised as a good school for both pupils and staff. They are frequently over-subscribed and currently have over 1,680 pupils.

The school was converted to academy status in 2018 and is part of the Minerva Learning Trust, which is recognised as one of the biggest and highest performing groups of schools in the area.

The school has a broad curriculum with a specialism in Maths and Computing. In all subjects, the focus is on both knowledge and skills and helping pupils to succeed in their academic studies. Their second specialism is in Performing Arts, which, combined with a wide range of extra-curricular activities, gives the pupils wider opportunities to learn and develop new abilities. 

The Head Teacher at High Storrs is well liked by staff and pupils, reflected by the fact that everyone we place enjoys working there. Ofsted has described the school as ‘a joy to be in, Teachers are such positive role models.’

High Storrs Secondary School building
A school with many opportunities

Career Teachers regularly places temporary teaching staff at High Storrs Secondary School in Sheffield, a great place to work and gain experience.

What job opportunities are there at High Storrs?

Career Teachers places successful candidates at High Storrs in temporary roles as Teachers, Cover Supervisors and Teaching Assistants. The length of your employment at High Storrs can vary. It could mean going in as and when needed, or it may be for a short period of cover, or some positions can be up to a full academic year.

Teacher jobs

To work as a temporary Teacher you must have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) as you will be expected to take on the job of the regular class Teacher. If it is a long-term position you will plan and deliver the lessons, respond to and assist the pupils in their learning, keep the classroom tidy and organised, mark assignments and complete all necessary administrative tasks. If you are only covering for a day or two you will likely not be expected to plan the lesson. You can learn more about teaching in a Secondary School here.

Cover Supervisor jobs

Taking on a temporary Cover Supervisor position is a good way to gain classroom experience if you are considering teaching as a career. You do not need to be a trained Teacher and you will be given the work for the pupils. You are not expected to teach, rather you are there to supervise the class. Learn more about the role of a Cover Supervisor here.

Teaching Assistant jobs

As a temporary Teaching Assistant you will work under the supervision of the class Teacher. You will be supporting them by working one-to-one with a pupil who needs some extra help or working with a small group of pupils on a specific task. This is another good opportunity if you are looking for experience before becoming a fully qualified Teacher.

Is High Storrs Secondary School a good fit for you?

“We are here to learn, succeed and thrive. We are respectful, safe and responsible.”

This is High Storrs’ values statement; in addition, they also follow the Minerva Learning Trust values:

‘Outstanding together, working together, learning together.’

Everyone at High Storrs is expected to be respectful of the rules and each other, taking responsibility for themselves and others, thus creating a sense of belonging. The school believes in high quality both from their teaching staff and their pupils, resulting in strong outcomes. There is also a focus on who they are as a school community and priority is given to looking at the positives of what they do rather than at what pupils should not do. This helps develop self-confidence and independence, preparing pupils for life.

The proven record of the school and the respect that it has in the area makes this a very good place to work.

Secondary school students
Pupils at High Storrs

High Storrs is a secondary school, for pupils aged 11 to 16, and also has a successful sixth form. The school serves a multi-cultural community, with pupils from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Are you a good fit for High Storrs Secondary School?

High Storrs expects their staff to believe in and follow their values whilst providing good, consistent and creative learning and support to the pupils.

As a Teacher, previous experience in a Secondary School is preferred and you must have a degree and Qualified Teacher Status. For a Cover Supervisor position you need to have studied to at least A-level, and Teaching Assistants are usually expected to have either a level 2 or level 3 TA qualification. 

For all these job roles experience is preferred, but not essential if you have all the right attributes. One of the biggest requirements is to be proactive and enthusiastic, ready to get stuck in to whatever new role you are taking on.

Key skills you will need for any of these teaching jobs include:

  • Knowledge of the national curriculum
  • Strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of a wide range of subjects
  • Confidence
  • Ability to keep pupils focused
  • Empathy
  • Competence in the use of technology

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