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School in focus: Teaching jobs with Ecclesfield Secondary School

Ecclesfield Secondary School teaches children aged 11-16 and with around 1,750 pupils, it is the largest school in Sheffield.

The aim of the headmaster is to use the power of education to transform the lives of the pupils. The staff believe in nurturing every pupil to achieve individual potential and collective excellence to ensure they are ready to succeed and contribute to society on leaving school.

Working at Ecclesfield Secondary School

Ecclesfield Secondary School is part of the Minerva Learning Trust, which is a Multi-Academy Trust recognised as one of the highest performing family of schools in Sheffield. It teaches the National Curriculum to a diverse range of pupils from many different cultures and varying economic backgrounds. It’s a very friendly and popular school with a good reputation for looking after both staff and pupils.

The school provides pupils with a careers programme aimed at supporting them to develop the academic, social and employability skills needed for lifelong success and adaptability in a diverse and changing world. This impartial career advice is delivered within the curriculum and Personal Social Citizenship and Health Education (PSCHE) lessons, in small groups or in one-to-one careers interviews, and through outside agency careers activities.

There is plenty to get involved in outside of the set lessons, as Ecclesfield Secondary School offers its pupils plenty of extra-curricular activities. There are football, fitness, guitar, composition, file, coursework, homework, and study clubs. Those who are passionate about sports can take part in basketball, table tennis, netball, badminton, and trampolining, amongst others. There is also French surgery, photography enrichment and music rehearsals.

The recruitment team at Career Teachers work closely with the HR department of the school to place suitable candidates to work in the school. All staff work from 8.30am until 3.30pm, with occasional extra time needed for marking and meetings after the core school hours.

During previous lockdowns, the school stayed open to the children of Key Workers and NHS staff. However, most of the pupils took part in home-learning via video calls. With the return to in-person classes, the school has focused on ensuring pupils’ wellbeing and getting ‘on track’ with their learning. To achieve this, their adapted curriculum is divided into three phases – connect, consolidate, and catch up:

  • Connect – focuses on ensuring strong personal, physical, social, and emotional foundations are re-established.
  • Consolidate – focuses on high-quality teaching of the curriculum and ensuring pupils are on track with their learning.
  • Catch up – provides interventions for any pupils who require more academic and pastoral support.
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School culture and environment

With extensive extra-curricular activities, an emphasis on career guidance, and a clear pathway to getting all pupils on the right track, Ecclesfield School can offer its teaching and support staff the opportunity to work in an environment that is rewarding and committed to giving their pupils the best chance to succeed in their future careers.

What type of opportunities are there at Ecclesfield Secondary School?

The typical roles Career Teachers recruits for at Ecclesfield School include Teachers, Cover Supervisors, Administration staff and Teaching Assistants.

They are currently in need of Teachers on both a short and long-term temporary basis to cover all subjects across the curriculum, covering staff who are self-isolating due to Covid-19. They are also looking for Cover Supervisors who can cover lessons whilst teaching staff are unable to come to work.

Ecclesfield School are looking for Secondary Teachers who are experienced in teaching mixed ability groups of pupils aged between 11 – 16 in a variety of subjects. You should be able to develop lesson ideas using various teaching strategies to prepare pupils for exams and guide them towards the next stage of their academic careers.

As a Cover Supervisor this school is seeking individuals who can be flexible, reliable, efficient and who have some previous relevant experience with secondary aged children. You will need to support the pupils with their planned lessons, manage their behaviours, and adhere to school policies. This is a great role in which to gain teaching experience before becoming a qualified Teacher. 

Is Ecclesfield Secondary School a good fit for you?

The school’s mission is to give pupils access to a broad range of skills, experiences, and qualifications, empowering them to become informed, independent, and respectful citizens who exceed their academic and personal potential. 

The school’s curriculum focuses on an Alternative Learning Pathway (ALP). This ensures that pupils who need more support with their learning remain engaged and confident when learning basic skills, such as literacy and numeracy. This ALP method allows them to access the curriculum in a meaningful way. 

Ecclesfield Secondary School
School values

Ecclesfield Secondary School’s values underpin all that they do. These values are for pupils to work hard, be kind, aim high and show grit to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Are you a good fit for Ecclesfield Secondary School?

When placing any candidates with this school, they need to be proactive, enthusiastic, hardworking, well presented and who can add value to the school.

Ecclesfield Secondary School is a very well-known school that attracts high-level candidates. It’s based in the popular residential area of Horsfield and is very well placed for easy access from Sheffield, Rotherham, and Barnsley.

If you are passionate about teaching and are looking for an opportunity to utilise your communication skills, knowledge and creativity, Ecclesfield Secondary School could be the right fit for you. You will be challenged to expand your teaching techniques, to create an innovative and creative learning environment that will inspire your pupils to engage, learn and flourish.


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