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Let's tackle the SATs tests!


The SATs tests can be a challenging and nerve-racking time for children. As teachers, parents and guardians we need to focus our efforts on a child’s learning rather than the test results.

Here’s Career Teachers helpful tips to get you by:

  • Familiarise the children with the SATs test layout and what each sections involves
  • Go through past papers (these are free to download on  
  • Use revision guides and focus on difficult areas together
  • Challenge the children to solve problems within a time frame (time-management is one of the key skills)
  • Encourage children to read from a range of sources (fiction and non-fiction texts, newspapers and brochures)
  • Prompt the children to always re-read a question before answering
  • Keep it fun and use different learning tools (they say that variety is the spice of life)
  • At home don’t break from routine and allow regular study breaks
  • Make sure the children are having a healthy diet, drinking lots of water and they get plenty of sleep
  • When the tests have finished, the learning doesn’t need to stop
  • Remind the children that they are good at so many things and let them know that as long as they try their best that’s all that matters

Above all, a child needs to feel good about themselves and believe that they are ready to do their best. 

Career Teachers wishes each and every student good luck!

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