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Isabel Petroni's London Adventure


Two years ago my boyfriend and I decided that it was time to experience something different. We quit our jobs, packed up our things and made the decision to move from Sydney to London. With no jobs lined up before we left we were literally moving on the hope that everything would all fall into place when we arrived and (luckily) we were right! While it did take a few weeks to find our feet we got there in the end!

Moving across the world is an enormous step and the first time you learn this is generally when you are packing your things back home and realise how on earth you are going to fit it all in one suitcase with a 23kg bag limit. Word of advice: Bring less, you won’t need it and if you do you can get it there. Shopping is cheap and accessible! Then you have to do your goodbyes and it all sets in that you are moving to another country where you have to make new friends, you don’t have your family to go over on a Sunday night for dinner and of course you have to find a place to live, get a job and all the other life admin bits that come with practically starting a new life! But then you’re half way through your 23 hour journey and you start to get excited because you are moving to England where Europe is at your doorstep and your brain starts making mental notes of all the places you want to visit within the next two years.

Back in Australia, I worked in Events and when I got to London that’s what I was looking at doing. My boyfriend on the other hand was a teacher so he signed up with an agency and started working straight away! After a few weeks of searching for anything within the events industry I thought why don’t I sign up with the agency too and get some casual teachers assistant work – so I did. And just like that, my career path changed and I began working for the agency, in their office doing something I never thought I would have enjoyed but ended up loving! Career Teachers has given me the opportunity to explore a new career. Working as an International Relocation Consultant has allowed me to share my experiences of moving across the world with teachers who are about to do the same thing. I help guide them on what they need to do before they arrive, when they get here and of course, put them in touch with consultants who get them out working.

During our time living in London we have experienced so much! From short weekend trips to Cambridge and Bath to exploring all of Europe. We have sailed around Croatia, snowboarded in France and Austria, surfed through Spain, drank in Munich, ate our way through Italy, relaxed on the beaches in Malta, watched the Northern Lights in Iceland, island hopped through Greece and saw the beautiful country side of Ireland. It has been a busy two years but ones that we will never forget!

Our two years has sadly come to an end so its back home we go. While the thought of going home is both exciting and sad I feel comfort in the fact that I have been given such an incredible opportunity from Career Teachers, to open our new office in Sydney! I will still be working with all our teachers who are ready or thinking about moving over but in the same country as them so will be able to meet face to face rather than calling at odd hours of the night to get updates on plans!

If I have one piece of advice for anyone thinking of coming over it would be to just do it! It is an experience you will never forget and if you are having doubts please get in touch!


- Isabel Petroni

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