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How Irish teachers can conquer London just like their rugby team.


With the rugby union team recently claiming a Six Nations Grand Slam, a justified status of second favourites for next year’s World Cup and the provincial sides sweeping up domestically, it’s a pretty good time to be Irish.

Understandably, the other European powers are wondering just how they can halt the green juggernaut, harness some of that ruthless winning mentality and replicate the consistency of this well-oiled Irish team. The sentiment holds pretty strongly when it comes to education, too. Schools across London and the surrounding areas are positively scrummaging for the best Irish teaching talent.

Just as a trip to Twickenham can be a pretty daunting prospect for most international rugby teams, finding a new job in a new country can be quite intimidating to say the least. It’s not just a change of lifestyle – it’s a change of life. There are the perennial concerns that London’s expensive, that there are too many people fighting for too few opportunities. Too many players contesting the same ball. Yes, London is in demand – but then again, so are talented, trained teachers from Ireland. Sometimes you just need to meet the challenge head-on.

But that’s not to say there’s no help available. In March, Ireland’s rugby players were guided by the knowledge, the craft and the guile of their coach, Joe Schmidt, as well as a host of trainers, sports scientists, physiotherapists, nutritionists and a whole lot more. The right recruitment partner can act as travel agent, housing officer, trainer and mentor. The right recruitment partner can help you find a teaching job with a salary that allows you to live comfortably in London; provide you with CPD training; help you find a school while you complete your induction/DIP year; and get you into the right accommodation. They can help to quell all those relocation anxieties.

Beating England in their own back yard has really galvanised the Irish, steeling them for a genuine World Cup challenge in Japan. Similarly, a teaching job in London can give you valuable, in-depth education experience that will prepare you for the wider world of teaching – and for more challenges further down the line. So no matter how long you stick around, you can be sure to pick up some useful skills and perspectives while you’re at it.

And if you cope half as well with a trip to London as Rory Best and his boys did back in March, then you’ll be doing just fine.

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