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Complete your DIP in the UK


Why should Irish teachers consider teaching in the UK?

Graduating as a new teacher in Ireland often poses its own problems as many teachers struggle to find the 300 teaching hours necessary to complete their post-qualification employment (PQE). 

The opportunity to complete their 300 hours in the UK is something that is overlooked by many teachers who are often working part time at home, struggling to make up their hours. 

Many Irish teachers are drawn to the Middle East for teaching opportunities and whilst this is great experience to add to a CV, it does not contribute to the 300 hours needed to complete their qualification, unlike the UK. This is where we can help you.

The shortage of teachers in the UK coupled with the abundance of enthusiastic recently qualified teachers in Ireland looking to complete their PQE means there is no better time for Irish teachers to consider a teaching opportunity here in the UK.

In 2018 Career Teachers will be travelling around Ireland, attending education university fairs, holding presentations and conducting interviews. Schools hire all year round so get in touch if you’re living in Ireland and would like to consider a teaching opportunity in the UK.

Please contact Sinead at for more information about how we can help you become fully qualified and gain your Qualified Teacher Status.

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