Back to school classroom hacks

Back to School Hacks

With the start of the new school year approaching very fast (perhaps too fast for some - who doesn’t want an endless summer?!). It’s time to start thinking about how to make your classroom your own, what works best for your children, perhaps you want to try something new?

Below are some must-see classroom hacks designed to make teaching life that little bit easier


  1. The Wall Stapler

    Children sometimes have the tendency to get a little ‘staple happy’, which can also result in someone getting hurt. Securing the stapler to the wall in the classroom not only eliminates any silliness, but will also dramatically decrease your classroom staple usage!

    Classroom hacks
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  2. Tape Table Zones

    Giving your pupils their own space on their tables minimises squabbles and gives them a sense of ownership to keep their area neat and tidy. Coloured tape is your new best friend

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    If you find the table tape works incredibly well, you could take it to the next level and mark out zones on your classroom floor. Play zone, quiet zone, chill out zone? Or even sitting zones like below!

    classroom hacks

  3. Button Lights

    These portable, battery powered lights can be used in a variety of ways. Available cheaply from many discount household stores.

    Use to help manage noise levels in the classroom without having to raise your voice.

    Classroom hacks

    Use them to keep note of children going to the bathroom

    Classroom hacks
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    Use them for group classroom activities. Rather than children shout out when they’ve finished, they can just push their special button to let you know!

    Classroom hacks

  4. No whiteboards? No Problem!

    Individual whiteboards can get pretty dirty pretty quickly in the classroom – and can be expensive to replace! A great (and quick to make) alternative to whiteboards are laminated pieces of card. Can even be colour coded for different tables or usage.

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  5. No-Mess Paint Dispensers

Even some teachers are guilty of being overly-generous with the paint (who doesn’t love some messy fun?!) but we all know children love it that little bit more.

Fill old hand soap dispensers with paint to not only save mess, but make the paint supplies last that little bit longer as it allows for more sensible portion control!

classroom hacks

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