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Blog: A Day In The Life of A Recruitment Consultant


The representation of working in the recruitment business is that it is fast paced, hardworking and salesy. However, for people that work in the industry they understand it slightly differently. It is rewarding and motivating.

Overall, helping teachers find work, keeping them motivated to take on new challenges and the relationships we build with our candidates makes the job worthwhile and meaningful.

Annie has been working with Career Teachers coming up to five years and has worked in two very different industries. We asked her some questions on her experience on being a Recruitment Consultant.

Q: How long have you worked in recruitment?

Annie: 8 years in total, I started off in medical recruitment and interviewed Doctors for locum work. I then decided to try a new direction, something completely different and moved over to Education Recruitment. I started working for Celsian Education and I really loved the fast paced environment and working with both teachers and schools. 5 years ago I moved to Career Teachers and haven’t looked back since! I have met some great people over the years and have formed relationships with colleagues that have become my really good friends.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Annie: I feel good when I get candidates a job that they love and enjoy. I also really like speaking to clients and building up good rapport, helping them find dedicated teachers to work in their schools. It is really important to build up a decent reputation as a consultant because people do share about their experiences and feedback to other possible candidates and schools! I love building up a positive relationship with candidates, so they know to come to me when they are looking for another job or recommend their friends! My colleagues are also a big factor of my day to day working life, as we all help each other and get along really well.

Q: What are you looking forward to most this year?

Annie: I am most looking forward to reaching my target, as it’s the best feeling when you work so hard and are successful! Also, I cannot wait for summer for the company’s annual trip to Ascot.

Q: What advice can you give someone who wants to be a recruitment consultant?

Annie:  You need to be ambitious, resilient and not give up because it can be a tough industry to work in. You will be set goals and targets and it does get hectic at the best of times. You really do get out what you put in. However, it has lots of rewards and incentives, you will meet lifelong friends, create memories and more.

Q: Would you recommend working in the education sector?

Annie: Yes as it is much more of a friendlier environment to work in. It feels more fulfilling as you are contributing to children’s education.

Q: What is a challenge a challenge at work?

Annie: It can be long hours and sometimes people do let you down which can be disheartening. However in terms of a career, there is lots of room for progression, the team is really encouraging and there are lots of benefits!


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