Trial Day v. Interview

Agencies across Britain are offering Overseas Teachers the opportunity to meet Head Teachers in their home country and many of them are being offered jobs there and then by UK schools.

This opportunity comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Many teachers are given a sense of security knowing they have a teaching position in the UK confirmed, they have met a member of the senior leadership team so will see a familiar face on their first day and have been able to do all this within the comforts of their home country. However, there are also disadvantages to this, you get a minimal sense of the school you will be working in, the other teachers you will be working with and the country you will be living in.

children presenting in class

Trial days are another way of being accepted by a school but also being able to experience school life for yourself. As a teacher in the UK I have always preferred a Trial Day with an interview included. The more you teach in different schools the more you are able to see who you are as a teacher. You get a better idea of how you teach, how you interact with other teachers, pupils and parents/carers and you also understand what kind of school gets the best out of you as a teacher. This is why trial days are incredibly beneficial as you get a full, well - rounded and raw experience of the school that allows you to meet the senior leadership team, other members of staff, the children you will be teaching on a daily basis and get an idea of the school’s ethos, policies and community spirit.

Career Teachers offer Overseas Teacher the opportunity of The London Experience, which offers a free trip to the UK, trial days and interviews in up to four schools, seeing the city of London and explore it for yourself whilst also taking the time to think about a decision that could ultimately shape your teaching career.
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