Supply Teaching– The benefits you may not have thought of

In a world where teaching has become increasingly pressured supply teaching is becoming a more attractive option for those looking to achieve a better work life balance.

When you initially think about supply teaching there are some clear benefits - flexible work options, less planning and meetings, shorter working days – but supply teaching also offers some other things that you may not have thought of.

You will become a classroom management master

Managing a new group of pupils you’ve never met every day or every hour can initially be perceived as a challenge, but actually working across a range of schools allows you to expand your behaviour management toolkit! Each classroom and school will have its own approach to rewards and sanctions. Being in a school for just a day gives you an ideal sneak peak into lots of management ideas and you can pick and choose the best which would work for you. As a supply teacher you should follow the schools classroom management policy, but adding in your own style and extras for positive management can really help. One very good technique is to keep a copy of the class list and put ticks against the names of every pupil that are getting on with their work. You can give out rewards for those that get the most ticks (stickers etc.) and also pass on the list back to their regular teacher at the end of the lesson/day.

children and teacher in the garden looking at flowers


You can win over the kids that usually push their teacher to the edge

As teachers, we can usually recognise the child that finds school life more of a challenge than others very quickly! If you’re teaching that pupil on a regular basis the relationship you build can have a range of up and downs. When you arrive in the room as a supply teacher that pupil can effectively start with a clean slate. A healthy dose of positive praise within the first few moments or maybe being selected for a job that normally this kid would never get picked to do will give you the chance to show that you have perceived them as a ‘well behaved pupil’. It’s a bit of reverse psychology but it really does work. It may not last all day, but a child that is told they are good and doing the right thing and receiving regular praise, will definitely be more motivated to try hard for you.

You can keep your distance from school politics

Supply can be a dream when it comes to separating your work and life. Every work environment will foster relationships that grow both in positive and negative ways between colleagues. Being a supply teacher can relieve you of the daily politics – the teacher who hasn’t passed on their reports on time or the discussion about who had too much to drink last Friday, are all things that won’t concern you on a daily appointment.

Career Teachers offer a vast range of supply teaching options throughout London. If you want to take advantage of the benefits of being a supply teacher contact our team today to get registered.