Guaranteed Pay Scheme

The demand for Overseas Trained Teachers in UK schools has not wavered since the late 1980’s.  In fact, with the path so well-trodden, and schools so familiar with them, this demand is probably higher now than ever for teachers from the antipodes, North America and the EU.

But moving one’s life from home to the UK, to live in a foreign country, and teach a new curriculum can be a daunting thing, not to mention costly.  It can be difficult to communicate quite how welcome teachers from overseas are in UK schools, and how much work there is readily available to them. So teacher recruitment agencies such as Career Teachers recently started to offer a guarantee of work, usually tied up in a neat agreement to allay the concerns of teachers of how much work would be available to them upon arrival.  This allows the teacher the confidence to make their move, and spend their money, safe in the knowledge that a regular income awaits them upon their arrival.

Pupils at school lying in a circle


But somewhere along the way, these Guaranteed Work Programme’s developed a reputation for being for supply teaching, or cover, or relief work (depending on where in the world you are from).  This is all well-and-good if a teacher is looking for the flexibility and reduced responsibility of working in different schools on different days, but no good if you are looking start your teaching career in earnest, with your own class, and your own preparation & planning, right?  Absolutely not.

At Career Teachers we understand that very often, the dream of your own class is the lure that leads people to leave the comfort and familiarity of home.  The holy grail of a full-time teaching job!  After all, that’s what trainee teachers spend six years studying to do, right?

Here at Career Teachers, we offer our Guaranteed Work Programme to all our teachers. It is for those who want to be supply teachers, or those who want full-time jobs.  For those who will work casually to fund their travel, and those who want to get a solid year under their belts and get back home.  Everyone.

However, in a minority of instances, it is not possible to secure every teacher who wants one, a long-term job before they arrive, so Career Teachers simply uses their Guarantee Programme to ensure an income is provided as soon as a teacher arrives.  However, once in the UK, a long-term job for those unable to secure one ahead of arrival is never far away.

So for all of you who want to come and secure a long-term job here in the UK, come and join our Guaranteed work Programme, and let Career Teachers do the rest!